SAN JOSE. Cold, rain, wet road, curves and mountain, in a day of high tension in which it was necessary to risk before what will be the decisive double ascent to the hill of Death in the two stages that come.

The appointment between Guápiles and Goicoechea that had a longer route than what the technical guide said ended with another exhibition by Román Villalobos (Canel’s Specialized), who got his second win in a row in this edition 54 of the Vuelta a Costa Rica.

While the Colombian Diego Cano (TCBY Strongman) continues as leader, to accumulate 22:24:24, with 18 seconds ahead of the tico Bryan Salas (Nestlé 7C CBZ Giant).

This time, Roman did not bet on the sprint. When passing the banner of the last 1,000 meters mounted an attack from far and gave him returns, to prevail with a time of 3:42:25. Cano and Salas arrived 2 seconds later.

Drenched and trembling from the cold, Villalobos issued his first statements.

“I collaborated with Bryan Salas, he favored me opening a time and for good luck I have a good spear. I like to do the sprint with 300 meters missing and in this type of arrivals, I’m doing very well, and for that I tied the second consecutive victory, “said Román.

He was very affected and worn out by what was this epic journey, in the style of the conditions that are presented in the great European races.

“I have a very low percentage of fat and I am very skinny this year, it does affect me a lot. Although it was coming up, it was affected by the cold and we knew how to handle it, but it is a factor against which cyclists must deal with, “he said.

Villalobos was still shaking in the press awning, but his face also reflected the satisfaction that comes with the triumph.

“It’s important, since the day of Greece I practically paid it in the wood making a second place. On Friday God rewards me with a great victory and this Saturday I get the second consecutive and that is very good for the team, to which I owe everything, “he said.

From 9 a. m., this Sunday will run the penultimate stage of the turn to the tica with 127.35 kilometers between the General Directorate of the Traffic Police in San José and the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón.

There will be a flying goal at El Guarco and three first class mountain prizes: La Cangreja, El Empalme and at kilometer 80.28. (


1. Román Villalobos (Canel’s Specialized) 3:26:26
2. Diego Cano (TCBY-Strongman Bicycles-Coldeportes) +0:00:01
3. Brayan Salas (Nestlé-Giant) +0:00:01
4. Sebastián Moya (Nestlé-Giant) +0:00:25
5. Jonathan Cañaveral (TCBY-Bikes Strongman-Coldeportes) +0: 00:25
6. Daniel Bonilla (Nestlé-Giant) +0:00:25
7. Joseph Eladio Chavarria Rodriguez (Nestlé-Giant) +0:00:25
8. Aristóbulo Cala (TCBY-Bikes Strongman-Coldeportes) +0:00:25
9. Sergio Arias Villanueva (Nestlé-Giant) +0:00:25
10. Pablo Alarcón (Canel’s-Specialized) +0:00:25


1. Diego Cano (TCBY-Strongman Bicycles-Coldeportes)
2. Bryan Salas (Nestlé-Giant) +0:00:18
3. Jonathan Cañaveral (TCBY-Bikes Strongman-Coldeportes) +0:00:29
4. Daniel Bonilla (Nestlé-Giant) +0:00:42
5. Pablo Alarcón (Canel’s Specialized) +0:01:10
6. Eduardo Corte (Canel’s Specialized) +0:01:50
7. Efrén Santos (Canel’s Specialized) +0:03:45
8. Elías Vega (Nestlé-Giant) +0:09:47
9. Pablo Mudarra (El Lagar-Amanco) +0:10:30
10. Mainor Rojas (Settler) +0:10:42