GUATEMALA CITY. The Guatemalan cyclist Mardoqueo Vásquez was consecrated in the eighth stage of the Tour of Guatemala (Piedra María Tecún), while Manuel Rodas remains the leader and dreams of consecrating himself.

This Wednesday’s stage left Momostenango and ended at the María Tecún Stone Summit (122 kilometers).

On the basis of sacrifice the riders passed a test that was known as one of the most difficult obstacles of the 59th edition of the Tour.

Mordecai, of the Cuajo Luna team, entered the finish line first, with a time of 3:22:50 hours. The second place went to the Colombian Yeison Rincón, with the same time.

The cyclist Sergio Chumil was third, six seconds, while Manuel Rodas entered the fourth place, 26 seconds.

With this result, the cyclist from Quetzaltenango, remains as the leader of the general and is emerging as the favorite to consecrate, when two stages are missing.

“Three times I had to change my bike. Thank God I had the strength to be with the climbers. It is an ascent that is endless. The difficulties too. Logically, the dirt road makes it spectacular. In the end it was very suffered for me, beautiful stage ”, were the words of Rhodes, after the test. (


1. Mordecai Vasquez (GUA) 3:22:50

2. Yeison Rincon (COL)

3. Sergio Chumil (GUA) +0:00:06

4. Manuel Rodas (GUA) +0:00:23

5. Alfredo Ajpacajá (GIA) +0:00:28


1. Manuel Rodas (GUA) 23:18:04

2. Alfredo Ajpacajá (GUA) +00:00:28

3. Mordecai Vásquez (GUA) +00:01:07

4. Yeison Rincon (COL) +00:02:26

5. Jhonathan de León (GUA) +00:02:31