CITY OF PANAMA. By an initiative of the Pan-American Cycling Confederation, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has organized a seminar here for the federations of America, with a concurrence of 34 presidents of the 43 members of COPACI in the Americas.

Topics such as Olympic solidarity, relations between federations and national Olympic committees, are also treated, while there will be space for all modalities of cycling (Route, Track, MTB, BMX, Freestyle and Cyclocross), in order to play the necessary points of each federation.

The event was conceived with the perspective of updating the working system of the International Cycling Union and its links with national and continental federations.

The selection of Panama as headquarters is due to its geographical location, which has allowed access by the vast majority of national federations.

At the opening of the seminar, the president of the Pan-American Cycling Confederation and Vice President of the UCI, José Manuel Peláez, pointed out that cycling is a healthy sport that forges willingness and understanding among competitors, which develops from the physical point of view and mental to people. (Rodolfo Jurado Gadea / COPACI Communication and Press)