A surprise victory by Víctor Ocampo (Team Medellín EPM) and the celebration for the first time by Sérika Gulumá (CM Team Aguardiente Néctar) marked the third stage of the Vuelta a Tolima, whose final two segments promise a lot of rivalry in pursuit of taking possession of the jerseys yellow leaders in both sexes.

In a third final on flat terrain, Víctor Ocampo surprised the sprinters and won the route between Ibagué and Mariquita, over a 105-kilometre route. The Team Medellín EPM runner reaped his first victory with the Paisa squad, in a day of two hours, 57 minutes and 9 seconds.

The rider from Antioquia crossed the finish line in first place, beating Leyson Maca (Supergiros-Manizales City Hall) and Diego Andrés Benavides (Sistedrédito GW), all with the same time as the winner. The leader Johan Colón (Orgullo Paisa) entered commanding the peloton in fourth position, keeping the leadership of the race.

The day began very busy in the capital of Tolima, the first big break of the day was formed passing Ambalema with 10 runners, but the difference was always controlled by the peloton, led by Team Medellín EPM and they quickly captured them.

Already in the final stages, entering the capital of Tolima, a breakaway led by Darwin Atapuma from Colombia Tierra de Atletas GW Shimano was controlled, but four men counterattacked taking a slight advantage with the lot. It was Víctor Ocampo (Team Medellín EPM), Walter Vargas (Team Medellín EPM), Leyson Maca (Supergiros-Mayor’s Office of Manizales) and Diego Andrés Benavides (Sistedrédito GW), who ultimately disputed the victory.

The attack prospered and in the end everything was defined in a reduced sprint, where the runner Víctor Ocampo was the fastest taking the third stage of the Tolima round, surprising the sprinters.

The fourth day will be run tomorrow, Saturday, with a route of 81 kilometers between Mariquita and Murillo. The dreaded mountain arrives at the Tolimense round with the queen stage.

Sérika Gulumá triumphs and Juanita Bedoya takes over the leadership of the VII Vuelta al Tolima

The dominance of the Colombia Tierra de Atletas GW Shimano squad in the VII Vuelta al Tolima Femenina is over. Sérika Gulumá (CM Team Aguardiente Néctar) celebrated this Friday the victory in the third stage of the Tolimense round, which took place between Ibagué and Mariquita over a distance of 105 kilometers.

In a small group of runners, the Caquetá-born rider anticipated the sprint of her rivals and took the victory, beating Paula Carrasco (Colombia GW Shimano Land of Athletes) and Valentina Latriglia (CM Team Aguardiente) in the last meters Nectar) that occupied the second and third position respectively.

The platoon arrived more than a minute late. The packaging in the lot was taken by Estefanía Herrera (Colombia Tierra de Atletas GW Shimano), defeating Andrea Álzate (CM Team Aguardiente Néctar) and Catalina Gómez (SuperGiros-Mayor’s Office of Manizales).

As for the general, there were substantial changes. In this way, Juanita Bedoya (CM Team Aguardiente Néctar) took over the lead and is now accompanied on the podium by Genesis Cortes (Indeportes Gobernación del Tolima), who is 2nd, and Ana Cristina Sanabria (Colombia Tierra de Atletas GW Shimano), 3rd.

This Saturday the fourth day of the 7th edition of the Vuelta al Tolima Femenina will take place, which will take the riders from Armero to Murillo, over 56 kilometers, in the queen stage.