MONTEIVIDEO. The Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay 2019 will be a true return to the country, according to the route of the most important Uruguayan pedal test that was confirmed by the Uruguayan Cycling Federation (FCU).

The traditional competition of the Semana Santa will start on Friday, April 12 in Ciudad del Plata (San José) and end in Montevideo (Kibón) on Sunday, April 21.

The route will go west, then go north, take the East and return to the capital to repeat arrival in Kibón, in the rambla, which was one of the novelties of last year.

In addition, the eighth stage, on Friday, April 19, will have its final in Piriápolis, at the top of Cerro San Antonio, in what will be another of the attractions of the event.

The Vuelta also has confirmed the teams that will be part of the platoon: Bandes (Venezuela), Mardan Civil Association (Argentina), Virgen de Fátima (Argentina), Pocitos Municipality (Argentina), Sao Francisco Saude (Brazil), Medellín (Colombia), Global Cycling Team (Holland) and the Selection of Peru. (

This will be the stages:

1. Ciudad del Plata – Colonia (155,6 KM).
2. Colonia – Mercedes (183,1 KM)
3. Fray Bentos – Paysandú (150,1 KM)
4. Colonia Itapebí – Artigas (149 KM)
5. Artigas – Tacuarembó (194,8 KM)
6. Melo – ITT (33,6 KM)
7. Treinta y Tres – Rocha (199,3 KM)
8. La Paloma – Rocha – Piriápolis (199,3 KM)
9. San Jacinto – Durazno (180,5 KM)
10. Trinidad – Montevideo (193,8 KM)