LAS VEGAS. USA. Following the recommendation of the UCI Cyclo-cross Commission, the 2019 Pan-American Cyclo-cross Championships will offer a Women Junior Championship.  This will allow nations to prepare and field Women Junior teams in advance of the first World Championships for the category in Dubendorf Switzerland in January 2020.

The announcement was shared by Brook Watts, President of the Pan-American Cycling Confederations (COPACI) cyclo-cross commission, “I anticipate great interest among the Pan-Am national federations in this news. The chance for racers in this new group to gain critical UCI points is important but I think the prestige of wearing the Pan-Am Champs jersey will be even stronger motivation.”

The 2019 Pan-American Cyclo-cross Championships will be held in Midland, Ontario CANADA on November 10, 2019.  Complete details about the competition will be available on the event website

The European Cycling Confederation will also be offering the Women Junior Championships in 2019 scheduled for Silvelle Italy. (Brook Watts / President Panamerican Comission Cyclocross)