SANTA CRUZ DE MORA, VENEZUELA. Venezuelan cyclist Yonathan Monsalve, of the Venezuela País de Futuro team, has worn the leader’s jersey of the 54th edition of the Vuelta al Táchira by bicycle after prevailing on Monday in the fourth stage, a day of 146.9 kilometers played between the localities of San Felix and Santa Cruz de Mora.

With a time of 3 hours, 22 minutes and 14 seconds, Monsalve won ahead of Carlos Torres (Dvo Táchira) and Jhonathan Camargo (Lotería del Táchira), second and third respectively. The fourth and fifth places were occupied by José Mendoza (Venezuela, Country of Future) and Roniel Campos (Dvo Táchira), all with the same time as the winner.

The local Jhonatan Salinas (Lotería del Táchira), who donned the leader’s jersey after winning the second stage, could not be with the best on the fourth day and ended up giving the prized garment.

In the general Monsalve has 4 and 6 seconds of rent on Torres and Camargo.

The Vuelta al Táchira will continue this Tuesday with the dispute of its fifth stage, 169.5 kilometers between Santa Cruz de Mora and La Grita.

A total of 125 cyclists from twelve national squads and ten foreign teams compete from last January 11 and until the next day 18 the `Vuelta Grande de América ‘, where Pedro Gutiérrez, victor in 2018, will fight to win the trophy. (


1. Yonathan Monsalve (Venezuela País de Futuro) 3:22:14
2. Carlos Torres (Dvo Táchira)
3. Jhonathan Camargo (Lotería del Táchira)
4. José Mendoza (Venezuela País de Futuro)
5. Roniel Campos (Dvo Táchira)


1. Yhonathan Monsalve (Venezuela País de Futuro) 13:34:13
2. Carlos Torres (Dvo Táchira) +00:00:04
3. Jhonathan Camargo (Lotería del Táchira) +00:00:06
4. Roniel Campos (Dvo Táchira) +00:00:13
5. Jhonathan Salinas (Lotería del Táchira) +00:00:19