LIMA. Peruvian cyclist Alonso Gamero was crowned National Road Champion 2018 in the Elite category. Gamero crown in great shape the extraordinary year he has had in national and international races, imposing himself categorically and giving a great blow of authority.

In the sub 23 category they also ratified the highest award they won in 2017, André González and Angie Paulette, while Cinthya Dávila was crowned national champion in Elite ladies.

The men Elite and U 23 gave 7 laps to the Circuit “Víctor Castro Martínez”, and the ladies elite and sub 23 ran 4 laps.

Alonso Gamero (Peruvian Extreme Cycling) entered triumphant and was crowned national champion Elite for the second consecutive year with 2:24:58 hours. Second came Royner Navarro (Team GH Antarkis) and third was Alain Quispe (Peruvian Extreme Cycling).

In Ladies Elite, Cinthya Dávila (MG Ilo Team) was crowned with 1:48:41 hour. Subchampion was his teammate Samantha Molina (MG Ilo Team) and third arrived Ángela Ramírez (MG Ilo Team).

Sofía Castro Rest, daughter of the remembered Víctor Castro, was present throughout the race, whose stage was named after her father by the Cycling Federation, in recognition of the great work she did to national cycling. (Office of Communications APEJUC)


1. Gamero, Alonso (Ciclismo Extremo P. Arequipa A) 02:24:58
2. Navarro, Royner (Team GH Antarkis Junín) +00:07:12
3. Quispe, Alain (Ciclismo Extremo P. Arequipa) +00:07:39
4. Tapia, Renato (Ciclismo Extremo P. Arequipa) +00:08:31
5. Limaylla, Andy (Romero 33 Junín) +00:08:31
6. Flores, David (Leon Team Racing Arequipa) +00:08:31
7. Muñoz, Alejandro (Piura Riders Trujillo) +00:08:31
8. Beretta, Mario (C.C. Puente Piedra Lima) +00:09:02
9. Ramirez, Edson (Team GH Antarkis Junín) +00:09:31
10. Raymundo, Giancarlo (Team GH Antarkis Junín) +00:10:09
11. Rastegorac, Antonio (Team GH Antarkis Lima) +00:15:48
Anyosa, Josué (C.C. Puente Piedra Lima) DNF
Ríos, Jerson (Romero 33 Junín) DNF
Laime, Christopher (Ciclismo Extremo P. Lima) DNF
Villacorta, Didier (C.C. Chacra Ríos Huarmey) DNS

U 23 MEN.

1. González, André (Ciclismo Extremo P. Arequipa) 02:32:36
2. Garate, César (Ciclismo Extremo P. Arequipa) +00:00:45
3. Ruiz, Robinson (Piura Riders Arequipa) +00:00:45
4. Rodríguez, Jefferson (C.C. Puente Piedra Lima) +00:08:37
5. Arévalo, Jhordy (León Team Racing Huanuco) +00:08:49
6. Simón, Álvaro (Team GH Antarkis Junín) +00:14:54
Huaman, Juan (Romero 33 Junín) DNF
Ruiz, Hugo (Piura Riders Arequipa) DNS


1. Paulette, Angie (Selección Nacional Arequipa) 01:48:35
2. Dávila, Cinthya (MG IIo Team Iquitos) +00:00:06
3. Molina, Samantha (MG Ilo Team Iquitos) +00:01:53
4. Fernández, Luddy (Selección Nacional Arequipa) +00:01:57
5. Valverde, Fiorella (MG Ilo Team Arequipa) +00:05:28
6. Ramírez, Ángela (MG Ilo Team Arequipa) +00:05:28
7. Castillo, Andrea (Pro Wallas Ciclyng Lima) +00:05:29