HAVANA. Above any forecast of its organizers the party on Sunday, December 9, exceeded what happened in the three previous editions and became a transcendent event of the national sport. 280 riders were present at the largest meeting of Cuban cycling. The lV Clásica de Excelencias, which filled the western Havana – Pinar del Río highway with colors, marks a milestone in the history of this sport and is a model of everything we can do to combine mass and spectacle.

Personalities such as Aldo Piccolo, director of the Astana team, who integrate the premises Arlenis Sierra and Heidy Pradera; Antonio Espinosa, master cycling authority of Mexico, and Hernán Santiago, member of the organizing committee of Giro RPC Radio, of Panama, accompanied and honored the beautiful activity.

A cool morning at first became hot as the hours wore on. Among several dozens of master category runners, national teams, riders ready to challenge and five brave adapted, the two immense platoons, fractioned later, devoured the distances of 130 and 200 kms.

While Mayan-born Luis Gil Montalvo and Hector Betancourt from Matanzas showed ambitions from the beginning in classes over 50 years of age, the battle behind the elite and master’s candidates from 30 to 49 would extend until the first half of the year. 100 km

Just at the height of the turn at the junction of Los Palacios and favorites were grouped. Two hours and 40 minutes presaged a time greater than five hours in the 200, however, and despite the steep slopes and fatigue on the way back, the race was faster in the final segment. The women fought with everything to stay in the tip lots, but the rhythm established by the Artemiseños Félix Nodarse and Yasmani Balmaseda, Vicente Sanabria from Matanzas, Leonardo Pérez from the United States and the Cienfuegos-born Frank Sosa opened enormous spaces at the outpost. The combative three-time champion José Miguel Rodríguez joined efforts with Álien García and Joselín Piedra in the pursuit group, but the five escapees did not faint in their efforts until the finish line with record time of 4 hours, 45 minutes and 55 seconds.

Once again the Excelencias Group counted in this lV edition of the Clásica 200 kilometers with the advice and support of the National Cycling Commission, the sports management of Havana, the direction of the PNR and the National SIUM. Equally noteworthy is the collaboration of Castrol Cuba SA, Havana Club with its campaign “Si toma no maneje”, Ciego Montero, CubaShow, Restaurant Conde Baraca, Bar – Restaurant Jager Bull, Red Bull, bike shop Bike Master, Heineken, Triple A , “Amigos del Motor” car club, “A lo Cubano” old car club, Moto 100 Japanese motorcycle club and English motorcycle club. (René Navarro Arbelo)


30 – 39 YEARS.

1. José Miguel Rodríguez (HAB)
2. Joselín Piedra (MAT)
3. Álien García (HAB)

40 – 49.

1. Leonardo Pérez (USA) 4: 45,55
2. Vicente Sanabria (MAT)
3. Lázaro Raúl Castillo (ART)

50 – 59.

1. Luis Gil Montalvo (MAY)
2. Carlos Hernández (ART)
3. Carlos Alberto Rodríguez (CAV)

+ 60

1. Héctor Betancourt (MAT)
2. Elier Lázaro Marín (HAB)
3. Rigoberto Maurell (HAB)


1. Yusmari Díaz Reyes (HOL)
2. Yumari González (SSP)
3. Arlenis Sierra (GRA)


1. Frank Sosa (CFG)
2. Félix Nodarse (ART)
3. Yasmani Balmaseda (ART)