MANAGUA. More than 70 cyclists from Nicaragua, Cuba, Honduras and Costa Rica were part of the last lap of the “Vuelta a Nicaragua” race, which started last Friday and ended this Sunday after having traveled Masaya, Chinandega and Managua as the last circuit of 100 kilometers of travel through the different sports and tourist spaces.

The Deputy Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, emphasized that today cycling has greater openness and participation thanks to the government’s policies to make Nicaragua a sporting reference country.

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“We are working hand in hand with the Cycling Federation and a sample of them is the number of meetings that have been held, we have had the visit of athletes from all over the region and world authorities of this discipline,” he said.

Support for sport is evidence of the goodwill of the government, said Yader Grijalva, president of the Nicaraguan Cycling Federation.

“We have excellent roads and a first-rate police protection, factors that foster an event of this magnitude, today foreigners are surprised with the conditions of our country and are happy to the point of qualifying ourselves as one of the countries with the best circuits of the region”, he said. (