SAN JOSE. A member of the U-23 National Team of Costa Rica was pleasantly surprised in the fourth stage of the turn to the tica, to triumph after the 139.2 kilometers between Nicoya and Esparza, with a time of 3:14:58.

The design Sebastian Moya became the first national to put his signature to a start of this edition, quite an achievement for him, who felt that the triumph was his and that was going to cross the line of judgment first, not he held back the crying.

Moya came crying to goal, because he was watching one of his great dreams come true.

“I’m very happy, it was something I was looking for, in the U-23 team we have come to win stages and be protagonists and we are already there,” said Moya with much euphoria.

He added: “I already knew the slope, I felt good about my legs, I knew I had to go with Eddier Godínez (El Agaro Lufese Lagar) and with the Guatemalan Luis López (Optical Deluxe) .The last kilometers were a mental fight, but I kept the calm, I knew how to carry it and it happened “.

He said that this year was difficult for national cycling, but that with his victory, he closes it with a flourish.

“Thank the Federation and everyone, my family that is here, I think I have a good bar”.

This Thursday from 9 a. m. the fifth stage of the Vuelta will be run, in which the hardness of the mountain begins. It will be 100.5 kilometers between Esparza and Greece, with a flying goal at El Roble, a first-class mountain prize at the Alto de Santiago (kilometer 64.25) and a third mountain prize at the finish line. (Fanny Tayver Marín /


1. Sebastián Moya (Selección Costa Rica Sub-23) 03:14:58
2. Vladislav Kulikov (Gazprom – RusVelo) +00:01:47
3. Javier Steven González (Bicicletas Strongman) +00:01:50
4. Luis Enrique López Nolasco (Opticas de Luxe-Ninosport) +00:01:52
5. Leonel Palma Dajui (Hidalgo) +00:01:52
6. Sergio Arias Villanueva (Nestlé-Giant) +00:01:56
7. Daniel Jara Rodríguez (E.C.Colono) +00:02:06
8. José David Canastuj Calel (Opticas de Luxe-Ninosport) 00:02:13
9. Pablo Alarcón (Canel’s-Specialized) +00:02:23
10. Salvador Lemus Guerrero (Empacadora San Marcos-Viansi-Orbea) +00:02:23


1. Diego Cano (TCBY-Bicicletas Strongman-Coldeportes) 13:28:57
2. Bryan Salas (Nestlé-Giant) 00:00:40
3. Daniel Bonilla (Nestlé-Giant) +00:00:46
4. Jonathan Cañaveral (TCBY Bicicletas Strongman- Coldeportes) +00:00:51
5. Pablo Alarcón (Canel’s-Specialized) +00:01:14
6. Efren Santos (Canel’s-Specialized) +00:01:20
7. Leonel Palma (Canel’s-Specialized) +00:01:25
8. Oscar Quiroz (TCBY Bicicletas Strongman- Coldeportes) +00:01:29
9. Eduardo Corte (Canel’s-Specialized) +00:01:41
10. Daniel Jara (Colono) +00:02:08