MONTEVIDEO. The Argentine cyclist Nicolás Naranjo (Virgen de Fátima) won this Sunday in the third stage of the 76th edition of the Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay and stretched his lead as leader of the general classification.

Naranjo, team A.C.A. Virgin of Fatima, traveled the 150.1 kilometers that united the city of Fray Bentos with Paysandú in 3 hours, 26 minutes and 48 seconds.

Héctor Aguilar, from the Tacuarembó Cycling Club crossed the line in second place, while the Argentine Héctor Lucero, from the Pocito Municipality team, was third.

The general classification continues being led by Naranjo with a time of 11 hours, 48 ​​minutes, 36 seconds, followed by Lucero at 12 seconds.

The third is Germán Tivani, who also loses 12 seconds with respect to the leader.

The team classification is headed by the Virgin of Fatima, while the second is Team Medellín.

The fourth stage will run on Monday between Colonia Itapebí, in the department of Salto, and Artigas, with 149 kilometers of route. (


  1. Naranjo, Nicolás (AVF) 3:26:48
  2. Aguilar, Héctor (TAC)
  3. Lucero, Héctor (EMP)
  4. Andriato, Rafael (SFS)
  5. Tivani, Germán (AVF)
  6. Anchieri, Pablo (CML)
  7. Quevedo, Xavier (VEN)
  8. Santa Cruz, Bruno (PLA)
  9. Santana, Kian (MAR)
  10. Koop, Jos (GLO)


  1. Naranjo, Nicolás (AVF) 11:48:36
  2. Lucero, Héctor (EMP) +00:00:12
  3. Tivani, Germán (AVF) +00:00:12
  4. Aguilar, Héctor (TAC) +00:00:20
  5. Anchieri, Pablo (CML) +00:00:26
  6. Quevedo, Xavier (VEN) +00:00:26
  7. Koop, Jos (GLO) +00:00:26
  8. Santa Cruz, Bruno (PLA) +00:00:26
  9. Santana, Kian MAR a 26
  10. Quispe, Alain (PER) +00:00:26